Friday, April 3, 2009

Women's Sports

The presentations in class today were really interesting. They got me thinking. Good job gang.

I am sad. I am sad about women's sports. I am sad they don't get much attention. I am sad they aren't on TV very much. I am sad for those athletes. I am sad they don't get the recognition they deserve. And I'm saddest about being one of those people who don't watch women's sports, for no reason at all. 

Me of ALL people should watch women's sports. I LOVE sports! I PLAY sports! I KNOW sports! In fact, when I was in junior high, I was on the girl's basketball team. We were good. Good enough to win the whole dang thing when I was in 8th grade, and then getting to the semi's my 9th grade year. Needless to say, we didn't have anywhere close to the same amount of fans the boys basketball team had at every game, AND they weren't even good! Now that makes no sense. I can't say I didn't notice the difference in interest between the girl's and boy's team. But I didn't care, I just wanted to play and win. 

When I was in high school I played for the softball team all three years. We got even less recognition then my basketball team did. Once I was asked by a fellow student what sport I played, and when I replied softball, he wasn't even aware the school had a softball team. Now that makes a girl feel good! SHEESH! Needless to say again, we didn't have much of a fan base. The fans mostly consisted of our parents and some friends. Slowly we started to gain a little more recognition and fans, but it was still miniscule compared to the baseball or basketball teams. I remember being in the newspaper a few times and always having to look in the pages AFTER all the baseball statistics and articles. Why is it that the girl's sports are always reported after the male's? What ever happened to ladies first? Is chivalry dead? I hope not cause I've always liked it. 

I used to watch softball sometimes when it was on TV. I used to watch women's basketball when I was dreaming about being in the WNBA, but slowly over time, I stopped. I follow the Jazz, I follow the Cubs, I follow the Redskins, I follow BYU. ALL male sports. I'm going to start watching more women's sports. I've been inspired and I'm going to start a revolution. A watching women's sports revolution. 

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  1. Sounds like you are starting a good revolution. I never really understood the concept either. Why it is so different the fan base between males and females. I don't completly understand and agree that equal rights is neccessarily that important. In the sense that women need as many sports as men to be equal. In reality we are going to find majority of the time men on the football team and women in the dance studios. But really come on ladies lets start watching womens sports. It really is just as intertianing.