Friday, March 27, 2009

Who cares?

Okay, so I'm going to let loose on this one. We talked about the Livestrong bracelets and how EVERYBODY had one. In like a week it became the coolest thing to be seen wearing. I wouldn't even be surprised if a lot of the people wearing them didn't even know what they were signifying. I didn't have one, but I thought that what they stood for was good and motivating, and if people wanted to wear one, good for them. 

I understand the importance of being an individual and how people want to express themselves by wearing unique things. But who the frick cares if everybody wants to wear the same wristband. If it means something to them, then they should wear it. I think calling that 'conforming' is stupid and single-minded. What if wearing one means something different for each individual? Doesn't that make that person unique in their own personal way, even if it is not seen outwardly? 

I wear an orange wristband every single day. It may not be stylish or what's "in" right now, but I wear it because it has significance to me. I'm not wearing it to stand out or to be unique. I'm not wearing it to fit in or join a fad. I'm wearing it because of what is written on the band. 

I know that we judge and make assumptions, in one way or another, every time we look at another individual. When we come in contact with a new person, we look them up and down and make a presumption or conclusion about why they're wearing what, and what kind of person they are, or what they like, the list goes on and on. I think it's important not to jump to conclusions and make a decision about someone based on what's on their wrist or what brand of shirt they're wearing. There is way more to a person than what kinds of clothes people wear and what brands they like. 


  1. I agree about how doing something or wearing something and calling it "conforming" is ridiculous. I thought we need to just worry more about the things we are doing instead of what everyone else is representing. Just do what makes you feel good! Who cares about anyone else!

  2. I wore my Livestrong bracelet until I found out about Lance's infidelity... then I stopped wearing to be "different."

    Also- the things we have discussed and learned as we have gotten older are so true, and it so easily said and seen now then when we were younger. If only we could influence the next gen. of teens to see things as we see them...without sounding old.

  3. I think you brought up a good point that people may of wore the "livestrong" bracelet for different reasons. Not everyone wears or buys things because a lot of people are wearing or buying specific products. I never wore a "livestrong" bracelet but I wore basketball ones that were similar. I wanted to because I was interested in them. I used to wear rubber bands sometimes when I played basketball then I started wearing bball wrist bands. If someone likes to wear certain clothing or wrist bands, let them. It doesn't mean they are conforming.

  4. When the braclets came out it was a huge hit...everyone started capitalizing on those rubber braclets...I remember walking into a store in Florida...There were braclets for Breast Cancer...POW MIA...PETA...MADD...almost every organization under the sun had a rubber braclet-with the proceeds going to their specific cause