Friday, February 27, 2009


Watching that Hip Hop video in class made me want to puke. When I heard the way some of the rappers talked about girls, I felt sick to my stomach and disgusted. In class, I remember some comments regarding the difference between “sisters” and “bitches”. Some of it had to do with how the women dressed. It also had to do with whether these women would give it up to the guys or if they would stand up for themselves. So basically, if you’re showing more skin, then you’re more likely to give it up.

I’ll admit I typically dress on the conservative side. I don’t show a lot of thigh, or cleavage or whatever. But what if I did? Would that mean that I am more willing to give it up to a guy simply because I’m showing more skin? No. I’m not saying that women should show lots of skin simply because they can. I’m just saying that if a woman WANTS to dress a certain way, then she should be able to do that, and not necessarily be thought of as a slut.

 Also, if a woman doesn’t tolerate a man coming up to her on the street and smacking her butt or touching her inappropriately, does that make her a “bitch”? Seriously, the perception that these guys had of women was so disrespectful; they only saw them as objects for sex.

 I think the main reason I have beef with rap music is because of the lyrics. If you really listen carefully to the words that are being said, so much of it is chauvinistic and demeaning to women. Not only that, it’s mostly about violence, sex, and being a tough guy. I can’t relate or connect with that at all and on top of that I don’t respect it.

I’m so sick of this tough guy image, especially in the Hip Hop world. It’s so pointless and stupid. I mean obviously I don’t want a guy bawling all over me all the time. But I can respect a guy that is in touch with his feelings and emotions, and is not afraid to show what he is really feeling. 


  1. And to all that Kate I simply say...AMEN.

  2. I grew up listening to hip hop and I got to be honest those guys in that video are crazy. I think it had to do with how they are raised more then the music they listen to. I never called girla that and I sure as hell was groping girls on the street. Wow I was shocked to you're right that material was worth puking over I'm sorry you had to watch that. But don't lose faith in all of us I swear I wouldn't do that and I love hip hop.

  3. I agree that it is very disrespecful how rappers will talk about women and call them sluts, hoes, bit$#@, and anything else horrible like that. Maybe most rappers haven't had good examples to look after. They don't have to follow bad examples but really maybe they grew up seeing their dad's disrespect women and it just stayed in their heads. It is very wrong how they talk about women or treat them in their music and music videos.

  4. Just think if women wrote songs and talked about men the way they talk about us. Thinking back on the few woman rappers the worst they wrap about is cheating on their boyfriends... compared to the graphic descriptions in rap songs and their demeaning nature. There shouldn't be a line drawn between sisters and bitches... They are all women and some just might be more comfortable with their bodies and expressing themselves then someone else. I mean one way to look at it is one persons sister is another persons bitch. It is all just how you look at it. Well said though!